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  • wyrbender wyrbender Apr 7, 2002 11:08 AM Flag

    Not all that long ago

    this was a $50 stock. Those were pretty heady times so maybe it got a little ahead of itself but presumably there was some justification for it's price. What has changed so dramatically since then? Wireless companies MUST use their towers don't they? I assume contracts lock in the rates they must pay to SBA for leasing the towers. While there are other tower companies I assume they don't build towers right next door, so in a sense, they mave a monopoly in the area they cover. If I'm right in this assumption, then SBA shouldn't have to cut their lease rates even though wireless coompanies have fallen on tough times. Has SBA's revenues really dropped so dramatically that the share price should be 1/25th of what it once was? What am I missing? Compared to one or two years ago, When SBA's stock price was way higher, so many more people I know have cell phones it's not even funny. Virtually all of my son's friends have cell phones. I realize the rates they charge for the service has gone way down but I wouldn't think that was SBA's problem. I'm confused. help anyone?

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    • The whole communications sector from cable television to antennas ia in the dumps. I think this company has a bright future and definitely will be higher over the next 12-24 months. The CEO excercised options last August at $8 and hasn't sold a one. In fact there hasn't been any insider selling recently.
      I think they feel, and have indicated so on calls that the shares are deeply undervalued.
      I think we'll see double digits sometime this year and probably somewhere in the 20's in 03 and crossing 30 in 04.

    • less true for SBAC which built more of its own towers, the carrier-built portofolio were built before collocation was ever contemplated/I'm not sure they were structurally designed for 4-5 a sense shadowing each other's footprint and even in the best locations...there may be multiple towers...perhaps that one reason few towers get premium rents. just fyi. cheers, kash

    • lets see account issues {enronitus}, huge debt, nervous investors {no buyers but lots of sellers} and an a bunch of slimey shorts presto 3 bucks

      Company said that it could be cash flow positive by 03 if it stopped the current rate of growth and just finished it's current projects
      book value is 9 bucks
      the heady days are gone this stock don't see 50 for years if ever but it could see 20 in a couple of years

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