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  • billyteam2 billyteam2 Jun 12, 2002 6:34 PM Flag

    SBAC always close to estimates.

    I think that SBAC has had a remarkable record of reporting financial results that have been very close to the average of the estimates of the analysts who follow the stock. This speaks very well of the accurate guidance that Stoops has given to the investment community. Consider the following: 6/30/01 reported .01 less than estimate. 9/30/01 reported .04 better than the estimate. 12/31/01 reported .07 less than the estimate ( but because of some extraordinary charges ). 3/31/02 reported .01 less than estimate. That's a pretty remarkable record. Why should posters on this board and others be questioning management's current guidance? It appears that Stoops has a very good record. This data is clearly reported on this Yahoo Finance site under " Research " for SBAC. It seems that many negative posters on SBAC don't get any further than this message board. Maybe that's their agenda ?? Billy

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    • billy...most recent quarter...was it .41 gross but .36 or so net of loss of So Carolina pcs or whatever? The risk of churn has been raised...Stoopy said churn has been limited to bad biz plan...never technological obsolesence in tower industry. I think that's misleading...look at the tech obsolescence of paging tenants...esp at BIGT. Do you think 2Q eps/bbe etc will move this or our tower stocks? What kind of results do you think SBAC needs to hit? Let's not forget...SBAC "met est" last Q but it didn't help the went lower. What prevents SBAC from doing a re-cap like SITE the benefit of insiders and detriment of shareholders. SITE gave reassurances until just before the take under when they went silent/no guidance. BTW, when did SBAC re-it on last quarter before the actual report...what was the lead time...pre or post close of the Q? cheers, kash

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      • The differences between site and sbac are quite glaring. Their capital structures aren't even close. Site wasn't going to hit free cashflow for several years. Sbac hits it in the first quarter. It is a time factor here in my opinion. The market will dictate when positive news is recognized in this company's stock price. The positive news is coming nonetheless.

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