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  • slim_niceguy slim_niceguy Jun 15, 2003 2:23 PM Flag

    Super voting /Hubris/Poison pill

    We'll see how good management is forthwith.
    All the chart talk is just The
    chart can't get around the fundamental fact that interest expense still towers over their destiny. They aren't encouraging me with their continued committment to services.

    With the call protection the bonds CAN'T be dealth with prior to March 1. Even then they will have burned through 33 million paying the coupon in Sept. and Mar. They'll burn through another 20 million with the premium the indenture requires on a call at Mar. 1.

    All this talk by management of reaching free cash flow by the end of 04 or middle of 05 is not going to be supportive of the stock price.
    The reason for this is that by the middle of 05 CCI and AMT will be generating huge amounts of cash and SBAC will just be beginning to.
    They are two years behind the competition.

    If we don't hear concrete talk about an intention to bring in the 12%'s soon, you guys are crazy if you think this is an $8-10 stock.

    The only way that happens is a sale of the comopany and Bernstein is barely 40...forget that.

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