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  • megladon98_2000 megladon98_2000 Feb 23, 2009 2:02 PM Flag

    How bad can these people suck?

    slipped and fell down on its peels.

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    • According to the article in FA's beloved Cincinnati's local paper...which apppeared the day after the stock fell over 40%.....he says "brains,a good heart,good attitude and a lot of guts are important elements of leadership"
      "Many successful leaders know how to surround themselves with smarter people"
      "a leader has to be warm-hearted but tough-minded particularly when it comes to lay-off"
      So I guess those attributes are what everyone sees in him and therefore the reason for the stock to be doing so well today??!!!
      He has managed to surround himself with all his little they play CYA for one another...or CFA...wonder how warm hearted he will be this next round of lay-offs....don't think he was very warm-hearted's to his good attitude....time to go have overstayed your time....and take all your little playmates with you!!

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      • You're absolutely right.

        Look at FDM - they have people who know the business, are proactive and understand that this is a commodity business. Their stock took a knock like the entire market in the Fall, and now they've bounced back well. I wish I'd have bought their stock when the market crashed!

        CQB doesn't have a person left who knows the banana business - in any part of the supply chain. They were all pushed out because they spoke their minds and wouldn't just go with what the boss of the moment said. I wish they'd come back, because we need them here and now!

      • A bunch of ass holes is what they are. All bull crappers.
        They don't care about you and I. Fernando quit along time ago. He is not a person who can take the pressure.