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  • divinduck13 divinduck13 Feb 23, 2009 4:15 PM Flag

    You are making two mistakes...

    the first was to own this coming into this sell-off.

    the second is to indulge in a lot of whining and imaginary faults on the part of management... you are whining when you should be buying a company that will be makeing at least a dollar/share soon enough and that has two dollars in cash... more or less... so that you are buying the 1/share profits for around 4 times earnings... and all because you are so pissed at yourself that you feel compelled to transfer the balme to the people who run chiquita.

    wake up dudes... this is opportunity smacking you in yo dumb hade.


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    • you maybe right about the stock...but you are an asshole all the same.....Management sucks....although you may there (Management) right now yourself...and it is not a transfer of blame when you watch the management in action..... in all their ineptness.

    • sorry...estimates are closer to 1.50/share...

      so... if you figure they have a couple of bucks cash... you get the earnings for about 4.50.

      of course they have debt too... but... nothing overwhelming that they can't pay easily in the normal course of business.

      there's some talk about what the europeans are doing with tariffs and that probably is affecting cqb at the moment also...

      all in all... we're like a splinter stuck deeply in a wound called: VALUE-LAND.

      take it or leave it.