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  • dwwashburne dwwashburne Dec 1, 2010 4:35 PM Flag

    Hire an F. A. IMMEDIATELY

    Hire Goldman, Morgan or another suitable firm to advise on strategic alternatives, sale of the company, managment changes and even board changes if needed to boost shareholder value.

    This should have been done MONTHS ago when private equity was seeking target after target. DLM gets taken out at a 40% premium over the prior 3 months' avg price, while we not only languish, but plummet.

    The Board needs to show its sense by hiring a high powered financial advisor NOW!

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    • Hiring an investment banking firm can help a company understand it's value, and if they are actively marketing it for sale, assist in the process. If a company is not actively marketing itself, then even if they hire an IB, they do not announce it.

      For the most part, unless a company is actively seeking a suitor or trying to evaluate existing offers, these services that IBs offer are not worth the price tag, which is very very high.

      Every company with a market cap under $10 billion is for sale. They may not be actively for sale, but at the right price, any company in that range will sell to the right buyer. And, any company that has exposure (ie: well known brands and national or international footprint), is always in somebody's sights.

      You can be sure that someone out there is interested in all or part of CQB. It's always a question of timing, price, and opportunity cost. But, somewhere in some boardroom(s) there's a list of possible acquisition targets, and CQB is on it. So are the names of a lot of other companies, which is why you can never know when it will happen, or if it will happen.

      There are a lot of corporations and PE firms out there right now with a lot of cash waiting to do something. If one came along to make an offer on CQB right now, I'm guessing the price would disappoint many shareholders.

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      • There aren't many fools that will pay the multiple Aguirre paid PFGC for Fresh Express.

        He pulled the trigger on FX because he knew it would help him hit the limits in his own employment contract which was laden with short term incentives, not because it was a good deal.

        Chiquita has been paying the price ever since. Aguirre won't stop until Chiquita is bled white.

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