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  • seattle.stew seattle.stew Jan 11, 2011 3:27 PM Flag

    consolidation over?

    We had a tremendous run up from the 11's and needed to form a new base. Today's push above 14 on above average volume is a good sign from a technical perspective.

    I would like to see another good session or two before making predictions about what happens next. But, barring some kind of unfortunate event, we should have some good upside remaining.

    I think Europe continues to be the largest concern on the horizon. That, and whether the current strategy around salads will play out as management purports. There are undoubtedly some challenges ahead, but every company has them. I happen to believe the opportunities here outweigh the risks. I also continue to believe that a buyout is likely. The latest food group rumor out there is that PE is going to take out Sara Lee.

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    • bylowcellhig:

      Are you still out there? Havn't heard from you in quite awhile. Of course if your out of CQB, probably not following it. Irrigardless, have a great & profitable New Year.

      Nice to see CQB in the $15 range.

    • seattle.ste:

      Can't argue with your analsis. IMO, believe CQB will continue to move up unless some unforseen event happens. With commodities being strong, food company will increase price & should bode well for the salad & bananna industry.

      Good luck with your investments.

      PS: Took a position in NEOP.ob kind of an interesting company. Due your own due diligence & let me know what you think.

    • A good session followed by an outstanding session. Like I said, I was hoping to see some follow-through. Today was better than I had imagined, especially given the volume. The markets were strong across the board today, so that helped. But, it seems like the food stocks continue to hold special interest, due to the M&A potential. It will be interesting to see if we can crest 15 tomorrow. GLTA