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  • bookerone2000 bookerone2000 Feb 16, 2011 3:28 PM Flag


    I see where the person is back that has a similar sign-on like yours. (seattle_ste) can't believe Yahoo lets this happen. From this guys post, must be an unhappy short.

    CQB look pretty strong again today. Within 22 cents of its 52 week high.

    Have a great evening.

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    • Another good day, and very close to a 52-week high. I think it will take some umph to break through that, as well as $17.00. But, it will happen, much to the chagrin of the shorties on this board (who now happen to be more than 50% in the hole).

    • The easy way to cull through the impostors is to take a close look at the alias. Mine is seattle.stew. If you do not put your cursor over the hypertext, the "w" is sometimes not visible. Others have tried to immitate by substituting "w" with a double "v", or using a hypen in place of a period. It's all laughable. What kind of person would go through the trouble of creating a special alias and posting anything at all on a message board? They are either disgruntled employees who were fired for incompetence, or people who sold short and became desperate when the stock moved against them. Either way, in that they evaporated when the stock moved up sharply when they were calling for it to tumble, it is a sure sign that they are spineless and missing one or both cojones. Meanwhile, yes, CQB looks good. It closed at the high of the day, which is generally deemed a technical positive. I would like to see the volume increase by tomorrow. Good luck!