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  • bookerone2000 bookerone2000 Mar 28, 2011 3:34 PM Flag


    Analyst have a Mean Recommendation of 1.5 with a low target of $18 & high of $25.

    JMHO, with these excellent recommendation would not be supprised to see $20 over next several weeks.

    Good luck longs!

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    • seattle.ste:

      The stock owner ship I mentioned was owned by, bylowcellhigh. Sorry for the error. You 2 are they only ones I pay any attention to on this board.

      CQB looking pretty good today.

      Good luck with your investments.

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      • Hey, no problem. I generally don't talk about unrelated investments on a board, but I'm okay if others do, provided it is occasional. Some folks use these boards to tout other stocks and they are relentless. Volume has been light these days, which is okay, but it shows that there is a certain amount of wait and see attitude about the stock. The trend seems slightly upward, though. I don't know if the spike today is about the AMC bit, or something else. That deal is not going to generate enough sales to move the needle significantly. But, it does show that these guys are creative and continuing to look for high margin opportunities. You string a lot of these kind of smaller deals together and it does add up.

    • With a bookvalue of $16.34, don't believe they could be bought for $20. Having said that; with any positive news regarding first qtr. IMO we could see a nice spike in price.

      Looking at taking a position in Ebay, what do you think seattle.ste?

      If I remember correctly your are in QCOM, been looking very good.

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      • I didn't meaning they could be bought out for $20, just that without a buyout the stock will not be above $20 any time soon. Just based on current fundamentals, I think higher teens is the limit until there is some resolution on the EU situation and stabilization with respect to salad sales.

        If there were a buyout this year, it would probably be priced in the $23 to $28 range, depending on whether there were competing bids. A buyout could be announced tomorrow, next winter, or never. It has the right profile for it, but it doesn't mean that one can predict a transaction.

        I do not and have never held QCOM and have no opinion on Ebay.

    • If the markets hold together, CQB may be a good buy. It has been trending upward and looks solid. I'd like to see it get up toward the higher end of the 15's over the next several sessions, which I think it will do IF the S&P stays above 1300. Getting to the $20's in the next several weeks? That would take a miracle. You are talking about a 30% spike. Other than a buyout, what in the world would make that happen???