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  • Pleasantly surprised to see CQB close over $16. There have been small bits of positive news, but nothing significant as far as I know. Given that volume is not high, I figure it is upward pressure from value seekers buying in, and not anything unusual afoot. Anyway, nice gains so far this week. GLTA

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    • You are delusional. This is a throwaway stock until they get a new CEO.

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      • It's a good idea to keep you emotions and your money in separate containers. Some like Aguirre, others do not. In general, I think he is perceived as a fairly decent operator. And, I recognize that there are some hard feelings amongst some who for whatever reason lost employment with the company. Hopefully you have found gainful employment elsewhere. But, the future of CQB, and more importantly the direction the stock takes after earnings are released will depend on things the CEO cannot control. I've never met a man who can control weather, the price of commodities, debt policies on the other side of the world, nor food trends. Anyway, we shall see in a few hours. DOLE and FDP surprised on the upside. CQB has a somewhat different product mix and geographical footprint. But, there are many similarities. GLTA.

    • Seattle.ste:

      Looking at closing out my position before earnings. With the market so skittish. I'm concerned about them meeting guidance. Have a decent profit, so may look at it again after the earnings report.

      Good luck with your investments.

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      • You never know what you are going to get w/ an earnings release. The numbers can be good, but if it is coupled with negative inferences about the future, the stock gets hammered. Or, you can have crappy numbers but optimistic talk about the future and the stock jumps. I don't swing trade this stock, so what happens this quarter is not of much consequence. I am more concerned about longer term trends and that is the part of an earnings call that I analyze. But, if my trigger finger were itchy, I'd always be thinking hard about a buy or sell in advance of numbers getting released. By the way, volume has been incredibly low for several sessions now. It appears that there may not be that many bets in either direction. Good luck w/ whatever you decide.

    • seattle.ste:

      Will we see $16 after qtr. report? JMO, don't believe the qtr. will be good. Especially since the CEO took a 27% cut. With price at $15, maybe a poor qtr. is already built in to the price.

      Good luck !

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      • There are too many moving parts to predict earnings on this stock. Besides, it's not just what they report, but how they report it. The earnings are forgotten for most companies about 5 minutes into a conference call and everyone wants to know what happens NEXT. What often happens w/ CQB is that one of the other bananas reports a few days before them, and those results get presumed upon Chiquita, either for good or bad. The CEO pay has nothing to do with the earnings this quarter. There is an incentive plan with a formula. Hurdles were not met, so bonuses were not paid, or were limited. The formers take into account only financial information already available.

    • Free trade with Colombia according to article should give CQB a boost.

      Starting to move up presently.

      Good luck!

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      • The Colombia deal is a plus, as are various other smaller pieces of news that have come out lately. None alone are enough to cause too much excitement, which is why volume is low. The stock was moving up the 16's today when the Japan aftershock news came out and the market took a hit. It looks like Asian markets are recovering now, so we'll see how US markets do tomorrow. We have the whole government budget tug of war hanging over us at the moment. While I think a lot more of it is show than meaningful, it is an excuse for investors to be cautious. The D's and R's are quibbling over small potatoes in the short run, but the delta on the 10 year budget is fairly significant.