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  • LeonMusa LeonMusa Aug 19, 2011 4:29 AM Flag


    In Nicaragua after 15 years of legal proceedings and more than 300 deaths, the company Dole Food Company signed a settlement to compensate 3.153 people, more than 17 000 former employees who sued the company for damage to health by the use of chemicals Nemagon and Fumazone.
    The amount of compensation is unknown, only manages to deliver a total sum to be divided according to the degree of involvement of the former workers, contradictorily condition is negated by the crime.
    Chiquita is also exposed.
    Look to the former Chiquita workers in the Palmar region of Costa Rica. Among the pesticides used in the fields, the nemagon is one of the most harmful for human health. Forbidden in North America since the 50's and in Costa Rica since 1977, the company has been using this pesticide abusively for several years now. These rural workers, who are now quite elderly, are all sterile. Some of them are blind and others are rapidly losing their sight. Their damaged bones are no longer useful and they suffer constant pain which prevents them from working; so they live in conditions of extreme poverty. They are desperately trying to sue the company which left the area in 1985. But they have little chance of compensation. These rural workers want to believe that images changes ideas and they want their story to be told. At least they will not be alone. They are disabled and bowed down by infirmities. They are men.