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  • activistshareholder activistshareholder Oct 28, 2011 9:40 AM Flag

    shame on you Heather Jones

    Fernando Aguirre and his board and their managers took control of Chiquita now 8 years ago… their results are below:

    Del Monte and Chiquita are in essence similar companies in terms of products, revenues, outstanding stocks, etc.

    CQB last 3 year Net Income total: $ - 175,879,000, P/E 5.84
    FDP last 3 year Net Income total: $ 363,800,000, P/E 16.46

    Stock performance charted for last 5 years:
    CQB down 30%
    FDP up 60%

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    • I heard that all C levels will go, from sales, marketing, , HR, IT, whatever. All leadership is gone......They need a fresh start.

    • The companies are not as similar as you think.

      Fresh Del Monte gets about 33% of their revenue from bananas - the rest from other produce (which is consistently profitable.)

      Chiquita gets about 2/3s from bananas - most of the rest come from bagged salads (the huge mistake of a business.)

      Fresh Del Monte grows a substantial portion of its own supply. Chiquita only sources and puts a "Chiquita" sticker on them.

      Fresh Del Monte is virtually debt free and has a tangible book value. Chiquita has very little tangible book value and is indebted.

      Yes, they both sell bananas - but that's the only similarity.

    • Thanks for making my point, Chiquita is the much better stock value right now, load up brothers.

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      • After 8 years of mismanagement, incompetence, cronyism on the board and executive to mid-level management, elimination of technical experts, liquidation of assets, the billion dollar blunder of getting into the salad business topped with the failed Fresh Rinse, the fatal relocation in Europe, not a single successful new product & now a move from Cincinnati. The only success I see is that Fernando rewarded himself $ 100 Million, has a great golden parachute, got himself on TV and now on the board of multiple Fortune 500.
        Where were all the people for the past 8 years who were supposed to prevent this type of legalized robbery? Who gave them the credibility to carry out this thievery for 8 years?
        I do blame the financial analysts who collaborated with management and kept putting lipstick and a wig on the corps quarter after quarter, year after year.
        Just listen to them on November 5th. The analysts again will exercise blatant myopia so they appear to be doing their job and ask questions about the perfect breakfast tea and brandy mix, as if it was just another chilly yet sunny day on the top deck of the Titanic.