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  • ikfmypw ikfmypw Nov 30, 2011 3:49 PM Flag

    You can run, but you cannot hide

    CQB's move to Charlotte from Cincinnati has created a bit of buzz on the Company. CEO Fernando Aguirre getting to strut his stuff in front of the cameras in Charlotte, BMOC for a few days, anything to make people ignore or forget that the stock has gone from $24 to $8 since he took over the CEO position. Despite his $5.6 Million compensation package he/they can run, but they will find out shortly that they cannot hide. The move brings publicity and the publicity raises questions. The closer the analysts look, the more scrutiny the CQB Board will be under for the debacle they are inactively witnessing. The analysts will look at things like the Fresh Express purchase which will likely require a write off and the on-going deterioration of the business and question what, exactly is going on here. The theatre will be interesting as this unfolds.

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