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  • stevehastings888 stevehastings888 May 9, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    BUY BUY BUY....fantastic discounted price!

    Its going back to $7 in a few weeks. revenue was only 4% down

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    • Looking at financials looks okay---see same thing on chart hit bottom and bouced back in a month couple of years ago--did'nt mean to come on so strong--thanks for the response --all depends on how your playing it...

    • be careful, this is likely a dead company at this might get a dead cat bounce, but, based on today, it is not likely to come...instead (and this is from a technical standpoint now), it loks to me like it will slowly drift down from here. It had its chance to bounce today but it couldnt even muster a one penny gain after such a disastrous drop. Tells me not enough buyers out there at these levels. Anyway, fundamentally this is a dead monkey, if you read my posts over the past several years you will see how this incompetent management team has destroyed shareholder value year in and year out. But if you're betting on a technical rebound, be my gues....seems more of a gamble than anything else right now...

    • Exactly your problem ski whatever---date them don't merry your stocks---I bought it yesterday and will make my profit and get out.....

    • brother, if I were truly short all of the stocks mentioned I'd be a very rich man, and everyone would take me seriously. All it takes it to see where the mentioned stocks have gone after my messages be a good boy and look at the CQB history of my messages and you can see I have been long here for a long time...

    • no worries brother...thanks for your explanation behind your rationale of this "investment" lol. I hope its not just because the stock price went down haha. And good luck with that $7.50 btw, it is more likely to drift under $5 as chapter 11 rumours begin to hurt the stock. There are too many morons like me that got trapped and totally blindsided by this value trap. I hope you realize how many more sellers are about to unload their stock still. I hope you're right though, I'd love to see $7.50 at some point ever again...just logically doubt that would happen as the demise of Chiquita is happening faster than anything I've seen before in the market...

    • SKISELEV: I am just curious, are you new to stock market?

      I am sorry but PPS is almost $6 after hours trading. I think you acted too fast with your $4 short position. LOL :)

      You have to make a better argument if you want to scare new investors. Try BK rumor or something more convincing.

      Today, I already made extra $850 from CQB more than %7 profit is not too bad in 2.5 hours. Stock price should be in mid $7's in two weeks.

      As i type this message stock price went up again :)

      Good luck anyway. I hope you don't get mad at me.

    • I just had to buy 1000 shares
      I have been watching this and Dole for awhile and
      when I saw this price today ,I had to get some.
      Yes I feel the stock should be at $7 plus soon
      but since most got a deal at $5 - $5.50 then we can wait till it hits $15 in about 2 years.
      But if it does go down another dollar,then I will buy more.Good luck too us longs babyyyyyyyyy

    • I notice management thinks highly of themselves.

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