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  • KunningLingwist KunningLingwist Jul 5, 1998 10:41 AM Flag

    If actually untrue - CQB could do better

    I know the settlement was $10 million PLUS, but
    the Gannett parent of Enquirer is the biggest
    newspaper chain in the country and this was a major news
    series posted prominently in their paper and website...

    Yet - CQB never sued and they could have held out for
    more than $10 million 'plus'... especially since it
    was admitted that the paper stole evidence...
    Something is fishy here!

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    • From what I've read, Chiquita has not ask for
      anything...the 10 Million was offered. Sounds like Gannett or
      the Enquirer screwed up bad and hopes Chiquita
      doesn't ask for more. Remember - Believe half of what you
      see and none of what you hear. It is about time
      people started standing up to the press.