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  • Lazio_2 Lazio_2 Feb 8, 1999 8:52 PM Flag

    If there was any good news coming...

    s been
    present. Let's not say that everyone will be in the dark
    when the "good" news comes out because it never works
    out like that. News, good or bad, always leaks

    Ok, let's give it one more day but I wouldn't bet the
    farm yet.

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    • My Fellow Stockholders:

      The President is
      traveling in Central America this week...seems a terrific
      time to announce that the Euro trade barriers are
      coming addition, the G7 meeting this weekend
      might also be the time to yield an announcement.

      I had a CQB bananna after my mid day run this
      afternoon. The cavalry is coming...don't sell


    • Though you thoughts on the bid size as being a
      indication of demand, breaking (or absorbing) that demand is
      an indication of overwhelming supply. Especially at
      these low levels, this is not a good indication for
      this stock. The best we can look for is a climatic
      bottom where volume swells up and the price drop really
      stretches the limits of the buyers. Then your risk/reward
      ratio is most favorable. I don't think we're there

      Let's hope the general stock market doesn't tank or
      else we'll see $7-8 per share. I'm not a pessimist,
      but I never thought we'd challenge and break the new

    • THere is no magic number. Yes, any share that
      moves at 9 almost has to be a loss. So, the 557 would
      indeed be a buy.

      Now, my question is where are
      the 80K share at 9 1/16 coming from.

      given the fact that the 600K block is still
      (apparently) sitting at 9, then where did those other blocks
      come from. We have not truly identified

      Could it have been company benefit plans? Does anyone
      know for sure?

    • when you see 557,000 share WILLING TO BUY and
      80,000 SHARE WILLING TO SELL, it tells you there is more
      UPside Pressure. There are more people/institutions
      interested in buying at 9 versus the same willing to sell at
      9 1/16. I see this as good, even thought the stock
      price is in the toilet. Any share that move at 9 are
      almost certain LOSSES. There is no magic number here.
      Share can trade close to ZERO, but we know they won't.
      The only thing to bring prices up is DEMAND. This
      will not happen until some good news is out. When you
      see abnormal Volume one way or the other, it is from

    • 559K shares at 9 bid
      80K shares at 9/16

      That's a lot of shares to be sitting waiting execution
      with none of them crossing.

      Means that there
      are some huge limit orders (buy or sell you tell me)
      and NO market orders.

      Thus we are dealing with
      some sellers/buyers who know what has been happening
      with this stock and have very well defined target
      prices and they are not budging from them.

      don't think that this is a positive sign, but need
      someone more familiar with Stochastic modeling and market
      savvy to explain this to me

    • Isn't bid where you want to buy?

      proposed that it might be a stop loss, but someone
      contradicted that. I don't remember their argument. Basically
      if that was a sell order, don't you think that 500
      or 600K shares hitting the wire at a sell would
      depress the stock even lower??????????

      that perhaps I am a rube when it comes to
      understanding the basics of markets)

      However, if someone
      wanted out at 9, would they still be hanging around this
      long at 9 1/16. If you decide to move that many
      shares, you've made up your mind about the long term
      prospects of this stock. I can't imagine deciding that my
      investment was worthy of selling, at 9, but I'm willing to
      hang on for two weeks at 1/16 above that price. Not
      for that kind of cash when there are other investment
      vehicles which might earn a more stable return, or
      guarantee my capital.

      Rememer, we have not traded
      below 9 in 7+ years. Thus, this isn't someone locking
      in a gain. Thus if it is indeed a sell order (Stop
      loss) then that is a HUGE negative sign. And it's all
      downhill from there.

      Ask yourself who would be
      willing to move 500K shares at 9.

      I beleive
      it is a buy, but a buy only at that

      Please feel free to offer other opinions

    • What makes you think that block is someone wanting to buy versus someone wanting to sell.It seems to be showing up on the bid.
      any comments.

    • But if you had the stones to short this thing to
      start with, seeing that big block at 9, would you
      really try to shoot for that extra 1/16 of a point. Not
      bloody likely.

      people who short look for quick,
      definite gains. They understand the time value of money,
      and they certainly understand risk vs. reward. I am
      almost certain that no one would hold a short position
      for a large time period given the implied potential
      volatility in this stock. Therefore, I can not imagine that
      the big block is a short cover.

      don't you have to pay interest on a short sale. That in
      itself lends shorts to be short-term transactions, not
      long term, multi-week issues.

    • Moments after the market opened this morning, the
      bid is showing 558,000 shares at 9.

      Thus that
      big block (or a portion of it) is still out

      Thus begs the question, where did those other larger
      purchases come


    • Sorry, I seem to have forgotten a decimal point,
      make that 602 shares!

      But seriously folks, I
      believe that CQB is one of those few stocks that you
      could presently purchase and explain why you actually
      DID. There's a lot of wacky stuff going on out there -
      I'd rather take my chances with something that has
      some logical thought behind it. Contrary to the
      comments of one of the posters a few dozen or so back, CQB
      has improved their level of debt as well as lowered
      the cost of the debt, and I think that combined with
      the overdue commodity cycles position this company
      well. And if the WTO thing goes CQB's way as well, we
      can say we knew it all along.

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