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  • alwaysbeoptimistic alwaysbeoptimistic Jun 20, 2000 1:17 PM Flag


    has been said that is going to be said and that's all I got to say about that. Slowly removing myself from this dog.

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    • I'm sure Arnaldo Palma has his work at set-up for
      him, after all he is from Panama.
      although there
      has not been any news on the local newspapers about
      this exciting news, meanwhile the weeds start growing
      taller, hope you get to set it CQB holder, it's being
      there and seeing it first hand.
      Happy 4th of July !

    • F-OFF. I hope many Hurricanes wipe out everyone this season.

    • but not unexpected. It is very unfortunate when
      the financial realities manhandle the desires and
      goodwill of CQB's efforts to rehabilitate the areas
      affected by hurricane Mitch. Rather than dwell on any
      negative reactions to the news, shareholders and CQB
      followers alike should commend the effort made on behalf of
      the victims of the hurricane, employees and local
      residents by TRR. We wish you a successful rehabilitation
      of the remaining lands at a future time when CQB has
      the financial capital to make it happen. Thanks for
      your assistance to Honduras' rebuilding up until now.

    • Yahoo has the news, sorry, lost the link, about
      the settlement with Sitraterco regarding the amount
      of land which will not be

      Flowers, here's your chance to buy the land and start your
      own company.

    • but you do make this board fun.

      All I can say is, load up the truck. You have the faith, so I hope you get rich from it.

    • Increase in sales does mean an increase in
      Current prices in the U.S. are from $0.49 cents /per lb.
      in the southern markets and $0.69 cents /per lb. at
      best retails in the northern markets, even Canada.
      Which mean a range of $19.60 to 27.60 per box for a 40
      lb. box at retail.
      Yes, they do suggest a good
      margin of profit.
      Besides costs are not only variable
      costs, there are fixed costs as well.

      With the
      increase of gas prices, i wouldn't be surprised that FOB
      prices per box would have increased as well.
      there is profit there, but where is the production ?,
      which explains the low price of this stock.
      wouldn't be surprised that the inflated economies such as
      Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecudaor, Guatemala, Mexico
      would be able to get the price per box at $3-4 if
      company owned, can't beat that.
      Demand increases with
      the holidays and with the start of summer, there are
      more cruises, more people at the shopping centers and
      more people buying banana splits.
      Yes cqb holder,
      the only thing not splitting is this stock.

    • And when it gets there I might decide to buy. Not as an investment of course, rather I,ll get the certificates for my kids to play with, thats about what theyre good for now.

    • Flowers penned:
      "Chiquita's best bet was to
      increase production at a faster pace to offset loosing
      market share and low prices."

      Finance 101 states
      that increased sales (production) is an acceptable
      approach ONLY if the sales price exceeds the variable
      costs associated with that increased production.

      Do current prices support such a suggestion? I
      haven't kept up with prices in the market so I don't

      Remember if you're selling for a loss, you can't really
      make it up on volume.

    • Chiquita's banana plantations in Honduras !!!!
      What a laughing stock for the entire
      Thanks for the flattery Banaboy, but not on this
      As the old saying goes.."nothing ventured, nothing
      gained". No pain no gain.
      With the low prices of
      produce this time of the year, Chiquita's best bet was to
      increase production at a faster pace to offset loosing
      market share and low prices.
      My sources even in
      Europe tell me Dole has been very heavy into
      cost-cutting to counter the low prices even in Europe, this
      will set them up very nicely for the 3rd and 4th
      quarters this year. They are concentrating on their long
      term debt very seriously.
      With so much debt that
      this company has, closed to 1.9 billion, no wonder
      there is lack of enthusiasm from this board. Come on,
      wake up Chiquita, what got you into the debt the first
      place ? that's where it hurts ...

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