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  • mikeyca1 mikeyca1 Aug 28, 2000 7:28 PM Flag


    Must be some bad news on the horizon. Somebody
    knows something. Although the volume wasn't very
    impressive. I can't believe these prices!
    If no news
    comes out tomorrow or next day I'm buying more.

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    • I've reviewed CQB's statements and they do not
      have unhedged loans in euros. I believe the comment
      someone else was making that a lot of the banks in CQB's
      credit facility are headquartered in the EU and that
      this should be an aid in negotiating the quota and
      tariff system.

      CQB does not have any unrealized
      financial gains from currency hedging. And these banks lend
      to everyone in the business and will not provide any
      benefit in future negotiations.

    • What about the sales in Euro, i think the only reason they took loans in Euro is to have a little hedge going on against currency fluctuation.

    • do you know the percentage of loans in EU
      currencies. Somebody on this board announced that EU banks
      own a lot of these loans.
      What will be incidence
      on the results. If you have a debt 500.000.000 euro
      at the beginning of the year equivalent at
      500.000.000 usd. Today you have to repay only 440.000.000
      usd. The difference of 60.000.000 usd can you consider
      them as a financial income?
      Be positive!

    • Right you are stoney. Im not saying suspending
      sales was a wise move. On the contrary it was another
      TYPICAL move from Cincy. By suspending sales at 7 they
      lost money while holding inventory and now are losing
      by selling at $6:25. And in private label the only
      decent profit worth writing home about doesnt come from
      corn or beans or the usual. It comes through the
      smaller high profit items that few are producing. I am
      holding a few shares yet but only because they are barely
      worth the brokerage fees to sell. I certainly wont be
      buying any because I dont think it has hit bottom and
      come December I will probably need this loss to offset
      something else. As the cost of printing rises this dog will
      need a reverse split or people will be buying because
      its cheaper than Charmin.

    • Use guys is da ones dat is stupid oning dis here stock of Chiquitas anyways. Think of dem poor guys who took Chiquita stock instead of cash when dey solded der companies to Chiquita.

    • Instead of talking about grammar - estoy seguro
      de que no pod�s escribir nada en espa�ol! this is
      not a writting class ! let's talk about your logic -
      sorry, lack of logic !

      You have to understand
      1. Chiquita buys a significant part of the bananas
      that they sell from other producers
      2. Therefore,
      you buy at $4 or $5, and sell in Europe at $8+, and
      you make a small profit
      3. According to your lack
      of logic is better to forgo this sales

      again, sorry for my grammar, but I guess you wouldn't
      understand if I write in spanish or french (voth off whhich
      I handdle bettter tham ennglishh)

      harvesting at a loss", check CQB's net income for the past
      10 years ... they are experts ...

    • Is your source for CQB slowing production more
      than DOL the same as Clinton signing trade directives?
      CQB hasn't earned money in years. I think a price of
      $3/share is a very generous multiple (over 30 times 2000
      estimated earnings).

    • Even if they suspend sales the bleeding doesn't
      stop because they will be building up inventory
      financed at high interest rates. Private label canning is
      a loser due to thin margins and inventory carrying
      costs. Plus inventory build up generally leads to price
      discounting in a future time period.

    • I believe we will end the year at -.30....prices
      are still to low......and next year at .60 cents and
      with the going industry PE might see our $12 -$15
      again. If EU is settled we will break over $20 on
      speculation going forward. DOL needs to stop planting......I
      believe they will. CQB has slowed down more than DOL in
      planting recently.
      With a PE of 4 going forward and a
      crazy Nasdaq....priced 40% to high....this stock,
      DOL,and FDP are nicely priced.

    • paper.

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