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  • mikeyca1 mikeyca1 Jan 12, 2001 11:29 AM Flag

    1st quarter

    While most companies are going to be showing
    declining earnings in the coming quarter Chiquita always
    does best in the first quarter of the year!
    could easily make up to $1.00 per share in the coming
    quarter. Two years ago Cqb's stock was at $14. I know
    'cause I owned it then and have for the last 10 years.
    I'm glad I picked up more when it was around $1.50

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    • Hey Stoney - Hit amigo with a crab hammer.

      Note to Bondholders - Given the cronyism of AFG (I got burnt years ago on Circle K - an ex CQB guy comuted out there to try to fix it - Just ran up BIG airfare. and Hotel bills), better look out for the 2 Ps - Perks and Parachutes. Loyalty is a far greater virtue than competance.

      By the way Stoney probably has insight into parachutes from the old days.

      Watching happily from the side for a number of years - Never in but almost got close (good timing)- Info is readily available in this industry - Modigliani's theory of perfect info applies to produce.

    • no faith, no guts, no glory!!!

    • mike: cqb had a good week and you have been
      around this board awhile. when you were buying at $1.50
      i wish you would have mailed me and made your case.
      i sure could have used this weeks run up. grandma
      and i sold off all but 800 shares purchased at 5. we
      haven't "lost" cash with cqb other then my beloved
      dividend. btw, mike, what's your forecast re dividends and
      my common shares?
      info i'd like: what is the
      "Bonita" label on musa Costco uses? who supplies that
      fruit? leon knows but not sure he's been around
      thanks all. tony, oregon

    • I owned Stokely's when CQB bought them along with other canning companys. CQB stock at that time was $20 per share and it's a better company today.

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