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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Jun 29, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Last point.....

    This mayor has now started to talk about re-assessing whose jurisdiction railways are....that the municipalities should oversee them within their city limits.

    Well, besides being another distraction from the task at hand (more of the true, focused approach of a politican), it is a farce.

    Cities in Canada cannot even provide adequate infrastructure for which they are already responsible. Taking on more, tangential roles ---- for which they are completely ignorant and unskilled ----- is not exactly an enlightened bit of thinking.

    Second, you simply cannot have the City of Calgary ...or Regina, or Winnipeg or PIg's Knuckle, New Brunswick.... making plans and decisions, from a completely self-interested perspective, that affect a key piece of national transportation infrastructure. That would be ludicrous. When an airliner crashes near a city, why does the mayor there not demand that they be handed oversight of the airport? Because it's idiotic, that's why.

    Third, the reason cities are near railways is because that's where they built the cities. The railways didn't encroach on cities. Mr. Mayor: you're the tail, not the dog.

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