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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Nov 7, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Morningstar CEO of the Year Finalist, 2013

    Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) CEO Hunter Harrison is the second finalist in our CEO of the Year award. Harrison, who has now successfully transformed three railroads in his career, joined CP in June 2012 and dramatically improved the company's operations by making rapid changes to senior leadership, assets, and operating practices. According to Morningstar industrials analyst Keith Schoonmaker as a result of Harrison's actions, "CP is now on track for nearly 30% operating margin in 2013 (up from 18.7% in 2011), and we project that returns on invested capital will improve from 2% in 2011-12 to 14% in the next few years, easily exceeding the firm's cost of capital."

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    • Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    • "The Globe and Mail reports in its Friday edition Morningstar has announced the three finalists for its 2013 CEO of the Year award: Darren Gee of Peyto, Hunter Harrison of CP Rail and John Martin of Gilead Sciences. The Globe's David Berman writes that while congratulations are in order for the chief executive officers involved, their elevation may signal it is time to sell the stocks. Awards that celebrate the past successes of CEOs can be the kiss of death in terms of future performance."

      Hunh. Couple of things:

      1) The Globe & Mail has the most blatantly socialist, anti-corporate "Business" journalism desk one could not even imagine. But they do know their customers, and they want to stay in "business" themselves, so...

      2) The list of precedent CEO-of-the-Year winners that prove this "rule" include (I'm not kidding): Nokia, Cisco Systems, Nortel, and RIM...all technology companies whose stock prices briefly exploded in euphoric manias. So. CP Rail....really?

      3) Perhaps this award's selective "pattern" as a predictor of doom speaks more to how the media trips over itself to cover anything to do with the latest technology stock darling, and directly facilitates driving it into the stratosphere, until the gasbag implodes. ........Apple, Google, Twitter are all current cults enabled by the media.

      So way to go, David Berman. Helping to ensure Canadians let their American neighbours make all the profit from their few superstar investmentys instead of themsleves. How Canadian, eh.

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