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  • silverbars silverbars Aug 19, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

    The Disconnect Between The Physical Gold and 'Paper Contract' Markets

    Don't know if this one was already posted -- they all seem to have similar titles these days.

    ...."In Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, banks and bullion dealers late last week reported that sales had jumped eight times above recent levels, to more than 125,000 ounces per day! That means that demand from just this one city is now absorbing more than 50 percent of worldwide gold mining production"....

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    • Silver bars, you might be right. The article might be right. But if it was this simple, then Buffet, soros and gates along with a lot of other big boys would buy so much gold it will be at $1500 by the end of the month. Not! Also, look at the source. A gold dealer! Read my previous post about why we dont want to see gold go that high. We might not have a country left without rioting and looting if gold goes to $2000

      The business to be in is "selling" gold and silver coins. Not buying. The house never loses. That said, I do have a few gold and silver stocks tucked away. (smile) Read my other post.

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