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  • defcon_dong defcon_dong Dec 3, 2010 9:12 PM Flag

    All the Silver miners in the world cannot replenish 1 billion ounces of demand overnight

    Silver price manipulated down for many decades.

    kept at ridiculously low level like $5-$10
    which explains why the above ground silver gone down from A WHOPPING 13 BILLION OUNCES down to only 200-300 million ounces today..

    that's what you get for manipulating silver price down at these ridiculously cheap level like $5-$10
    The industrial users used it all up.. i heard in 2005, they did a study that the in ground silver have only 10-13 years lifespan left.

    Which means all the silver in the world will run out by 2015-1018
    The problem we facing now is the above ground silver running out next year in 2011. We cannot replenish 1 billion ounces of silver demand in just few months >> DO YOU GET IT ???

    It's just not possible

    CONCLUSION >>> SILVER will rocket to $100.00-$200.00 next year.. i'm 110% sure about that /// later when wild speculation takes over >>> SILVER PRICE will hit $500.00 /$1000.00 / even $2000.00

    In 2 to 3 years of wild speculation >>> SILVER PRICE can climb to $1000.00-$2000.00


    (((( 2011, you going to see MASS SHORTAGE OF SILVER ))))

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    • NAME ME 5 SILVER MINERS in the world that can pump out 1 billion ounces of Silver within the next 3 month ??

      The answer is NONE!!

      Silver is going to face a mass shortage crisis in 2011.. it's up to you to believe it or not.

      Bank of America buying more and more SLV this year, and many big hedge funds adding more shares in SLV

      why ?? because SILVER PRICE are heading to $100.00-$200.00(2011)

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      • United States used to have lots of Silver .. but they used it all into suppressing silver price for decade and decade. Just like buffett sold all his silver thinking he can do the US government a favour into suppressing silver. US gov't failed, Buffett failed, and many more will fail ... we're down to Supply & Demand

        tons of demand with no above ground silver supply left

        I'm being very conservative with my $100.00-$200.00 short term price target for 2011.

    • the manipulators did the calculation, they could live the good life for 20+ years as inventories depleted, and TSHTF on someone elses watch. Perfect. This is what always happens when you put banks in control.

    • Not to mention that we are moving towards a society that is in desperate need of high capacity, long life batteries.
      There is a silver-zinc battery design that is MORE efficient than L-ion. Its 95% recyclable, and is slightly more compact than L-ion.
      Considering you could use these batteries to get 200 mile range out of an every day plug in hybrid, and the batteries could be LEASED with the car, knowing they are almost completely recoverable to be rebuilt.

      It will create a new demand for millions of ounces of silver. A demand that has never existed in this area before.

      So can silver go to $100? I am POSITIVE it can.

    • (((( 2011, you going to see MASS SHORTAGE OF SILVER ))))

      Naw. $100 silver will cure that real quick.

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      • The next 3 or 4 years, you make sure you make the right silver investment. You better do your homework on what you buying.

        The cost of producing silver ?
        Most people will give you a answer like $10.00 or $15.00 // that answer is wrong, it's not just about current operating cost.. you have to factor in bribery expense, you have to factor in rising energy inflation, you have to factor in the lifespan of your reserve.
        The cost of producing the 1 ounce of silver can suddenly go up to 25.00 ounce or 40.00 ounce.

        I hear people over here recommending silver mining stocks over silver etf because it goes up more. Once again, these people are not taking into consideration that your investment are in some third world hostile countries that can go into chaos at anytime. What about the lifespan of their silver mining stocks that they recommended.. HOW MANY YEARS OF SILVER SUPPLY LEFT ?? 1 yr ? 2 yr ?
        Is it consistent silver production output year after year ? or sometimes it hits a shortfall of silver production.

        why i'm bringing this up ?

        let me show you an example ?
        physical silver, SLV, and silver mining stocks.. silver mining stocks have the biggest gain this year.. will i invest in it ? that depends on the situation

        SILVER PRICE $29.40

        #1 Physical Silver
        #2 SLV the Biggest Silver ETF
        #3 Silver Mining Stocks (Junior or Senior)

        SILVER PRICE $100.00-$200.00 (2011)

        #1 Physical Silver will capture most of its gain.
        #2 SLV will also capture most of its gain
        #3 Silver Mining Stocks >> NO GUARANTEED
        eg. if some of the silver mining stocks produces a lot less silver in 2011 or goes into a major strike for months or the silver collapsed trapping 30 workers in it for months or THE SILVER MINE RUNS OUT OF SILVER SOMETIMES IN 2012-2013

        $100.00 silver >> your silver mining stocks might actually go down .. depending on the situation .. if it runs out of silver // your silver mining stocks can go down 80% or more

        $100.00 silver >> your silver mining stocks faces disruption on production .. silver mine disaster or big strike ... your silver mining stocks can go down the toilet.. BUT PHYSICAL SILVER & SLV WILL ACTUALLY GO UP ON SILVER MINING DISASTER NEWS

        GOOD SCENARIO $100.00 SILVER
        everything is okay.. no bad news.. your silver mining stocks go from $35.00 to $90.00

        SILVER SUDDENLY ROCKET FROM $100.00 TO $200.00
        some really bad news hit your silver mining stocks
        instead of your silver mining stock go from $90.00 to $200.00
        ... your silver mining stock plummet from $90.00 to $25.00
        #3 Your Silver mining stock crashed to $25.00

        ALL SILVER ETF have risk.. but you have less risk if you buy the biggest one like SLV. Bank of America have close to 5% in SLV
        Let's say SLV grew to $50 billion a year from now, Bank of America 5% holding will be $2.5 billion. (BAD LUCK, SLV WIPED OUT DUE TO CERTAIN EVENT)I'm sure the biggest bank in America have ways of getting its money back by sueing JP Morgan, HSBC, and etc., you will get back most of your money assuming the US government doesn't turn into fascism a year from now.

        PHYSICAL SILVER still #1 choice in my pick
        #2 will be SLV

      • I remember when in the 70s Carter told the Nation that all the oil in the World would be gone by 1985 too. Silver demand for solar panels is going to be hugh unless they find a substitute. Think we will see $100 silver next year or so though.

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