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  • cmegladon cmegladon Jan 5, 2011 12:30 PM Flag

    Those of you who blame "banksters" need

    some lessons in finance.
    Why is it the "whiners' always complain that some bankster, short artist is to blame when the price of their holding go down?
    The markets are made up of huge numbers of buyers and sellers, and certainly enough to "make" the market. Given the MASSIVE increase in the price of silver this past year doesn't it make sense that it won't go straight up?

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    • Since the Fed crept in in 1913 and started printing fiat the dollar has lost over 99% of its value !!!!

    • Time to cut government spending !!! Will the TEA PARTY prevail ????

    • jrsept

      You are correct that if we are to keep the current system than we have to make tough choices !!! The first choice America must make is to how to live within its means !!! We face a spending problem !!! All things must be on the table ! tHINGS LIKE makING THE GOVERNMENT departments we already have more efficient with resonable salary caps that can be revised for inflation perhaps once every four years as a new administration kicks in !!! We also must look at which of the 900 bases worldwide that we DO NOT NEED !!! Keep some of the personnel from these bases and put them on border patrol !!! Send illegals back who are straining our hospitals !!! Everthing must be on the table !!!!!! Living within our means will make the country strong again !!!!

    • whew...I don't consider that a desireable path to a better monetary policy. Nor do I think the gov'ts of the world will. Hence, I don't think it will occur.

      But to your point (and I am just talking), those years of rarity based currency ended for a reason...a large global population, the precieved need to fund actions (war, social programs, tech developments, etc) which would have meant taking the fixed assets from citizens as the only alternatives to "creating money"....I am for better monetary policy. I just don't believe metals based currency solves it. You have to get every nation to agree to setting the value, and abide by the I wrong thinking that ? If not, it's back to a country saying our gold is worth 1.05 times what is was last year...same as printing more money. Then country B says, I won't honor yours..

      Hey, aren't I describing what is done big global arbitration on the value of money...

      See the new boss ?....same as the old boss !

    • No, I don't think any of it makes sense. but the problems don't just disappear when pm becomes the basis. For one, you are proposing that each countries net worth is all of a sudden set by it's mass of metals ? When the soviet union discovers a new huge find, they have all the wealth...if a country wants another coutnries wealth...they can just take it because the poor country has no assets for the their defense...unless all the citizens pony up their silver bars ? Yes, it can be done, but my thought is we revert to pirates and castles (yes I am pushing this to an extreme, but saying only so much metal based currency is allowed, and tough luck to those without is a bit extreme also)

      But thanks to all for pushing back...I don't have a problem with that...I am just not sure I like the picture of a metal ownership based global society.

      Problems abound, solutions don't.

    • I also believe Americans would rise to the challenge...but we only have to be honest to say it would be a return to the old days in many regards. They rose to the challenge back then too. Sure you want those times back ?

      I simply do not believe fixing money at some level, and saying there is no more would be without very dire consequences.

      My prediction is gold will not rule, but some tough decisions on global (and I don't think we will be the top dog for much longer) monetary policies will have to be made (and rising pm prices might be a catalyst for that).

    • that is what I was referring to also. Now, in addition, we have needs relating to social and disaster relief. Your "tough love" is OK with me, but talk is cheap...when it is someone you know, or a segment of society, we will send you in to tell them about tough love.

      Sorry, I wish there were about 4 billion less people to have to deal with on the earth....but it is not likely to happen tomorrow, and the simplistic... he who has the gold rules, and if we want your gold we can take it, may sound good, but I don't want to live in that society...well maybe a little :)

      A sound currency/monetary policy is not a physical thing like metals....I don't think a sound policy is primative...I think fixing it to the mass of a group of elements present on earth is primative.

      but I honestly do appreciate your candor in saying what the return to a metal based monetarty system will include. The law of unintended consequences is always in effect. And I think many here would never admit it would be returning to every nation, state, community for themselves society.

    • Sherlock you are not.

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      • As I said for the past 2 days, we cannot whine. We must be smart. We saw what was going to happen. Some choose to ignore it. No bankster is doing this. The trend (VERY NEAR TERM) is down for PMs and up for the dollar.
        Longer term, you hold. ONLY traders can play the dip. And this dip is starting to concern some. If $28.50 doesn't hold on silver, it could get steep, as in 20% or so.
        If you're a long term holder, it doesn't matter.
        But remember, it ain't the banksters, it's a natural market reaction to currency fluctuation.
        Even though some of you will call it "currency manipulation", LOL

    • Physical silver doubled in value in 12 months. Sell this POS and buy something real - like American Eagles. They're cheap today. Last year I added to my stash by trading 20K of soon to be worthless paper for Eagles. I add each month because I am not smart enough like you guys to trade paper. But I do sleep well at night.

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