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  • dowiehowie dowiehowie Jan 28, 2011 1:06 AM Flag

    Shortages of 100 toz bars

    it is a matter of time before big money looking for 100 toz bars verifies the availability of those bars at Apmex, these bars could turn out to be an illusion

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    • "Big money" isn't buying 100 oz bars from Apmex. Also, Apmex as far as I know doesn't sell Comex bars, which is what the "Big Money" buys.

      If there was a serious supply-demand imbalance or even a POTENTIAL near-term supply-demand imbalance, the price of silver would be going up, not down.

      The 14 % correction over the past month says that there is more supply than demand. That is just the reality of it all - Economics 101. When there's more supply than demand, prices drop.

      As a silver owner, and a long-term silver bull (but not one with my head in the sand, regarding January's selloff), I still think it's useful to not go too far down the rabbit hole chasing dreams of conspiracies and hoarding by big players. Looking at the prices, it looks more like we had a massive retail pile-in late in '10 and now prices are doing what they always do after a pile-in, come down.

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