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  • guintogg guintogg Mar 16, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    No Inflation Say's Extreme



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    • I go to Vegas a few times a year and going one block off the strip is scary right now...

      Who are you going to find to rent your condos? Section 8? It is such a headache having renters:/

    • It appears they're attempting to thread an ICBM through the goal posts on a football field from half way around the planet.

      Some say the FED isn't powerful, I say they're just powerful enough to hose up the entire global economy and keep it that way for a long enough time to rescue TBTF banker cartels who receive the playbook memos in advance of the next move.

      To heck with everyone else, let the wealth creators, savers, and nest-egg investors choke on dirt balls while the coordinated periodic takedowns commence.

    • Did you read my response? I said Vegas and San Francisco are both microcosms of the national economy. Sure, they both have an impact. But for you to say that the fact that there are $25K condos for sale in Vegas means there is no inflation is extremely short-sided. There are $25K condos in Vegas because there was a housing market crash and Vegas was hit as hard or harder as anywhere in the country because it had experienced rapid recent growth in the housing market. Everyone was buying property in Vegas. Everyone was building in Vegas. Everyone had the pedal to the metal to get to Vegas and reap the benefits of a rapidly growing economy, and then all of a sudden everyone hit the breaks and did a 180. Shut that spout off and prices will plummet. Does that mean inflation is non-existent in our country? Not at all. Does the situation I described in San Francisco mean inflation is rocketing out of control? Not at all. All these things need to be drawn into the equation.

    • Fair enough, but the topic of the post was inflation, and you brought $25K condos in Vegas to the thread. So you're contradicting yourself a bit, here.

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