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  • m5_research m5_research Jun 28, 2012 10:39 AM Flag

    Time to buy silver and SLV 6/28/2012

    From a contrarian point of view I should say your words are epic and I shall be a buyer not a seller here. Usually when everyone is waiting for the price to collapse dramatically farther it never does.


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    • Try to pick the SLV bottom is not easy.

      Therefore, if you want to buy SLV, dollar-cost average at lower prices.

      However, those that bought SLV at 45+ think this is a stupid idea.

      Can you predict how high SLV before 12/31/12?

    • then quite simply, you do not believe in technicals, because right now, they are caving in. Go look at a 2 year chart.

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      • Of course the entire world will end it's 2012. Right now I fundamentally believe that the firm question needs to be how shall you pay me? Or put another way what will you give me for what I hold as in Silver, Gold, stocks, and other commodities. If you answer is dollar bills then I shall choose to wait, because the value of the money you pay me in is decreasing sharply as the debt increases. Right now GDP growth is 1.9 to 2.0 percent a year and debt is growing at 8 to 10% as a function of GDP. Their is a gap of 6 to 8% every year. I can hold on for a decade and then ask yourself what will your dollars buy?

        I've noted that I find nickles and dimes on the side walk. No one bothers to pick them up, even quarters. A decade ago it was pennies that no one bothered with.

        What we should do as always is bookmark this conversation and return to it in a couple of years. Then we shall see if I am correct or wrong.


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