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  • joannab3 joannab3 Sep 25, 2012 6:50 AM Flag

    Ok..just throwing a question out there that I think I have already asked, but still don't get

    If silver is manipulated so as to suppress the price, that means that if that activity stopped, then it would skyrocket. To that end, why don't the powers that be stop holding short positions, stop supressing the price, and then get filthy rich on the long side? I just don't get why shorting silver is the way they want to go....seems like a lot more work than is neccessary. Can someone please explain this without a really lenghthy, complicated post? You know, a few sentences maybe?

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    • simply; this eft is a SIDE market to the major professional Contact(5000 oz ea) Silver traders.

      and this board(and their sales offices web sites etc) the SALESmen of physical, and FEAR=that 'creates' the so-called "conspiracy".
      As their get their world view, and their 'politics' from SALESMen of coin-shops,physical DEALERS. and ever worse, "talking heads on TV-etc..that fear and hate anything 'large' huge' etc.{ie: the Main markets}.

      As they are SELF-brainwashed(and that's the key), they go hither and yon on the internet to 'find' discover weird "facts" to support their physical"case". they do this FOR FREE, and to promote sales.

      They watch into coin stores, warehouses, coins sales, Various MINT sales or and SIDE market stocks, and complain, "discover" 'facts'... and basically promote the TINY market of holding physical stocks.
      That is the KEY, they worship TINY markets, and promote them as "pure" only one things that "COUNT" all other forms of trading the metal are 'unpure', conspiracy's, and the talking heads on the TV(who are selling broker fees), and the rear-view websites(say SQUEAKING alpha, mine web,
      'Ed steers gold and silver" and their god "Ted butler" spend hours, months, years,selling these "conspiracies" all with their brand of "protecting the everyday investor"-ALL VIA rear-view mirrors, and charts!!
      All to get you to buy physical forms of the metal. Advertising.
      (Note i own U.S. buffalo proofs,2006-on), but not as a "lifestyle' eh?

      IF i were to go physical" as they demand, I'd buy, (and have THEM hold, protect, insure) Australian MINT gold, and have it outside of the U.S...but they want to act like Mc scrooge duck and dream of swimming in's donald duck cartoon investing. (And as far as they can EVER go-).

      Going long or short on a stock, metal, grain, corn, currencies(FX) is the nature of the markets.
      ya need both sides to make the deal. It's a market.

      I trade in cycles, and try to FOLLOW 'da big boys' in the comex pits, and around the world...where the REAL silver Market trading goes on...THEY move the market, and even they are subject to trading cycles in prices.

      AND on that note: silver prices to grind down ALL week. (notice day is coming..when many silver Professional traders COVER their monthly loses.)
      If yr LONG

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • last time silver ran to 45 (when agq almost hit 400) it lost all gains in 3 days... some people made a ton of money if they were lucky enough to get out in time, but most lost all their profits at the snap of a finger

    • One theory is JPM inherited many short contracts from Bear... JPM can't unwind without big hit so it & others orchestrate big hits to drive down price and every time they do they do make money. however so many investors view the drive down as a buy opportunity. It is a tug of war.

      Read a lot there are other theories as to what is happening or going to happen.

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    • the full idea is not to simple to follow.

      Slv is run by JPM, and if your read the fine print of SLV it states that, neither SLV or JPM cant be held liable for any loses. SO at any point is time SLV can choose to not deliver on any physical Silver. This is backed up by the fact SLV has (last i checked) about 48 : 1 more paper silver sold than physical silver in the vaults. So as they short paper with SLV, as JPM buys physical.

      End result, SLV goes under with no silver and JPM with no LIEablity walks away with cheap physical stockpile. As the silver true prices goes up to correct.

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      • 2 Replies to imanbastard1
      • I prefer physical over paper but I have read differing view points. One guy said coins and bars are the poorest way to invest and that back in 80 when silver hit 50, coin shops were only paying 25, but if you had your money with COMEX, you got the 50.

      • without seeing the exact wording you are referencing I can't be entirely sure. But I think you are confusing standard investment language (read any prospectus) that the commodity/real estate/equity/etc investment sponsors are not responsible for investment losses...., with the contractual obligation that all terms and representations used to form the investment must be honored.

        In other words, prices go up and down, and you can;t sue just because you lost money with your trading. But they certainly can be held legally responsible for violating terms of the investment (such as how much silver they must hold, etc). A dozen class action legal firms would be happy to talk to you or anyone concerning any facts about SLV not complying with it's legal obligations.

    • they don't want a competing currency. Therefore they need to suppress the true and real competing currency which is gold and silver, which is real money. Gold and silver and copper is the father of fiat paper, since paper is and was nothing but a receipt for gold and silver that was held at the bank. The bankers realized that people preferred to transfer the paper receipts of the gold held at the bank since it was less bulky and more easier to trade thus the birth of Fiat, or paper money which is nothing but a receipt to real money gold and silver. what happened was that banks started to lease the gold for interest since people would only get 10% of what was in storage at the bank. Banks were then able to lend 90% of the stored gold thus the birth of fractional reserve lending. The biggest usury scam and sin. The rest came in 1971 when Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold thus enslaving the US and other nations to the dollar. For a little while. Eventually all fiat currency goes to their true price. Zero. Thus when hyperinflation arrives in the next year or two, you will know we are at the funeral of the Fiat Dollar. Fiat means backed by nothing but faith. In the US case by the military might and muscle. zayonara!!

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