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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Oct 30, 2012 7:12 PM Flag

    There's absolutely NO DETAIL PLAN on Romney's 5 point plan.. which means no plan at all for the next 4 yrs


    Why would anyone vote for either clown? They both have the same advisors; both have to play the middle line so they don't mess up the elections for their Congressman same party; Obama doesn't have to anything next fours but Romney would have to do something to get relected; Obama had unemployment above 8% for 4 years except teh month before the election and real unemployment still above 20%; Retirees aren't earning interest on their savings and no cost of living raise except recently before election; Obama is a proven sociopath who kills people in their home in a foreign country; Thousands are still losing their jobs under Obama; Obama is starting to pick a fight with China even though they are a major bond holder of our debt. Should I go on?

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