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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Nov 10, 2012 1:17 PM Flag

    $705 silver = $80 Gas


    At $80/gallon of gas you would need at least one ounce of silver. So at once a week fillup one would need 4 ounces of silver per month, x12 months =48 ounces per year one would need. Plus the run up to $80/gallon may take a few years, so up to $60 silver one can use your own money, after $60 one may want to liquidate some silver to pay for gas. I've calculated one needs 95 ounces of silver to cover oneself just for gas costs alone over the next several years. This does not even include food which may not be a huge issue as food can be grown at home for many, and most other costs can be avoided simply by recycling or doing without or stocking up in advance. For starters I'd say look to own 100 ounces which at todays price is only $3100-$4000. For two car households one needs to double this amount. There won't be gas shortages as most won't be able to afford it.

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