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  • chinarockets_survived chinarockets_survived Nov 10, 2012 10:16 PM Flag

    silver is still $32.00 after 35 years of crashing


    DOWN OVER 40% SINCE 1980


    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • silver hit 9 dollars and change in 2008

      it si a risky short term trade

      always protect with stop loss

      over 40 or 5o there could be a lot more sellers than buyers

      unless you think JPM can't hold through the crash

      I wouldn't bet the farm on this

      Gold either

      when real estate and stocks crash people will sell metals to cover their other losses

      once central banks start selling gold will there be enough buyers?

      I doubt it

      Be careful how much you put into gold and silver

      I think it is safer and easier to make 10 to 20% again and again
      on natural gas and oil

      I have bought NKA 3 or 4 times this year
      It rose at least 10% each time and pays over 10 percent a year
      via dividends a safe 50 to 70% in a year

      I am more interested in shorting gold over 2000 or silver over 35 but either play is risky
      especially with silver

      cause 9 to 40 or 50 puts it into bubble territory

      Does JPM have to cover or can they wait for it to crash after the greater fool buys?

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