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  • mince38 mince38 Nov 17, 2012 9:45 PM Flag

    The next black swan will be AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!

    The inability of minorities to pay their mortgages when rates rise, I dont know how it will affect silver and gold . How it will affect America, I do. Remember in the 2008 housing debacle, the NAACP and other civil rights lawyers(always lawyers) were whining when minorities couldnt pay their mortgage, that they were "victims" of unfair lending practices. Again....."victims" So when mortgage rates eventually hit 6 or 7 or 8% as would be normal, we will have a wave of defaults that will make 2008 look like a minor belch. And again there can only be 2 scenarios. Having a career in Law Enforcement, I can speak a little clearer than some. First we will have every civil rights lawyer in the country trying to keep minorities who havent made a payment, probably since 2008 their houses! More affirmative Action will be asked for. All off of our backs...again! Now...lets get to my area of knowledge. While all of this is going on, gang violence and random crime will start getting even more out of control. Anyone on this thread who has not watched at least 25% of the Gangland and the Lockdown documentaries on NETFLIX are living in a hole. So we will be burdened with massive spending on more prisons, more law enforcement for the criminal, and more smoke and mirror mortgages for the ones that have jobs but cant pay.

    The black swan event for this decade is going to be AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Do something. It is your America. All it might take is a few posters to go ballistic on these boards, You Tube, Twitter and wherever we can get this thing going viral...BEFORE...the mess happens. Friends, the killing and especially the disrespect to police officers is at its highest and climbing. The resentment that we still owe them something is also climbing. Go on you tube and you'll see its not nearly as quiet as you think. We, the Americans, gave everyone else in the world, the personal computer, Facebook, You tube, cell phones and most of the things that give pleasure to even the poorest person in America. There has never been a thank you for it according to my seniors who have 30 yrs on the force. Not one! The LA and Newark riots are over. But not for the lawyers. They will bring it up again and again and again, until the clamor of "YOU OWE ME" is heard all over this great land.....again. My best friend who is a correction officer hears daily how "Whites will soon be our slaves." The time is coming to even the score." What score!? In fact many of the recruitment tools in inner cities is to make it political. To get back at the white America that "took away" their chance at the American dream. In prison, almost 50% of them really believe it is our fault they are there! What would gold do if rioting broke out in several cities at once? I personally dont care. I would be too busy running to answer 911 calls from you guys who were...lets just say, in a bit of trouble.
    "Never believe a few people cannot change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Meade
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    • my disrespect for the cops is certainly at an all time high. The worthless donut eating sissies will never confront the real criminals. they just spend all their time on traffic violations. Their attitude that everyone owes them something because they are special is appalling. eat another donut PIG and keep drawing your goverment check. law enforcement is Just another form of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION for white rednecks that can't qualify for a productive job.

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