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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 25, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    Silver Hoarders hope....

    The Euro Currency Collapse. This will send the Dollar much higher and the price of silver much lower. Of coarse it wouldn't last long . It would be a Temp Drop in price but could be a Quick drop back into the teens. If this happens I personally Would be a Happy Camper. Sure the Value I have in silver would also drop in half but it would allow me to Take out SO MUCH MORE for less and bring my Avg WAY DOWN... Because once the Euro goes it wouldn't be to much longer for the dollar to tank either. Maybe 5 more years after for the world to realize that the dollar is in the same shape.

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    • To me I think the euro is in better shape!
      We have more debt more unfunded liabilities and a much bigger trade imbalance!
      The focus is on Europe but the crow is coming back home to roost again!jmo

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      • I agree But we are seeing the Media Talk as if the Euro is the only one with a Real problem. My thinking is on this line that this is how it will all play out. Or at least hope for. Letting the Euro DIE FIRST sending people to flock to the dollar . Silver Dropping and giving #$%$ such as JPM a chance to get the hell out. AS WELL Purchase much more silver on the cheap . Then Printing more money then ever before " AGAIN " And Crashing the Dollar causing silver and gold to spike upward. My Thinking is this will be done in the next year or two. If it happens I say GREAT for me and you. And all who will think the worst is behind us will be SADLY MISTAKEN AGAIN....

        Remember about 5 to 6 years back when Gas dropped from 4 dollars to as low as 1.69 here. Well How long did that last us ? Not even one month went by before gas started to rise. Now 5 years later we hit another new Record 5.00 Gas price.

        I think these idiots will try this once more before sending USA into Hyper Hyper Inflation.....

        If it does not happen then My thinking is we Steadily rise year after year 15 to 20% until Silver gets its true value and ratio to gold and silver. Proper ratio based on Usage would be a hole bother topic but ratio based on how its being pulled out of the ground would be the fair true costs. Means they are distributing all costs of mining more fair between metals then shuffling costs more to one then the other.

        Either way I see this going its fine by me. I sure would not be scared to see silver go into the teens. I would look at it as a HUGE Blessing and a Gift of a life time.

        Bottom line the population is still growing . And Usage for silver is also still growing. And Third world countries with populations 5 times that of america want all the gadgets that Americans have had so long.. All this Means Much more silver needed. And on top of all this wh have Silver Stackers stacking more silver then ever before. Guys like Sprott buying up MILLIONS at a time. Hell Who knows what some other countries Multi Million and Billionares might be doing... Sure would not take to many more people to add to buying that would cause a HUGE Shortage. Given the population is over 8 times that of what we can produce per ounce in any given year... One day people will wake up to this fact and say HOLLY BAT TURDS..... And want to get their piece of the pie before its all gone...

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