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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 10, 2012 12:35 AM Flag

    NO rationale for SLV joke to trade above 2.00 per share


    Ladies, the SILVER and GOLD CRASH continues, because they are entirely WORTHLESS, repeat, WORTHLESS, as they FAILED to act as "flight to safety" during ALL recent financial storms...during ALL recent currency crises....and during ALL recent wars.

    Sorry to break the bad news to my sweet little dodos and knockerbrains who populate the USELESS gold and silver industries but you can NO longer deny REALITY for what it is.

    But maybe the LOSERS in this DYING gold and silver biz can take comfort in knowing that, if they have any money remaining (doubtful!) THE BEST SHORT plays for 2013 will be their old nemesis, the financial sector, that is now incontrovertibly THE most obscene megabubble since the rare earth sector in 2011 (and incidentally the FATALLY WOUNDED rare earth sector still remains an OBSCENE superbubble that will not be deflated until ALL North American rare earths trade on the PINK SHEETS).

    Ladies, with respect to the financial sector megabubble, you basically have a grand collection of government welfare recipients masquerading as "solvent' businesses....yet their solvency has depended entirely upon their ability to have looted Treasury funds passed to them annually by Goldman shills who have controlled the financial affairs of the Nation for DECADES now. Now with rumors that Obama may NOT allow a Goldman shill to run the Treasury once Geithner steps down, then without a shill in the Treasury, the financial sector will have nobody to protect them any longer. That will make the financials THE best short play of 2013 and, ladies, SMARTER pros will launch massive SHORT missiles, starting this month....and what better month to begin the SHORT raid, given that these financial players Xmas reward themselves BILLIONS each year in undeserved Xmas bonuses.

    Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual superiors, Live and LEARN!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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