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  • ext4r ext4r Dec 21, 2012 10:37 AM Flag

    Each year, we produce over 1 billion ounces Silver, yet only use half of it

    We add half a billion ounces to our massive glut each year.

    Each year, the massive oversupply of silver grows larger and larger.

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    • NET Government Sales = Total the amount sold (negative amounts) and bought (positive amounts) by governments. If the total mount is negative, then it's reported as NET government sales. If the amount is positive, then it's reported as NET government purchases.

      That's what the word "NET" means.

      All the various government central banks bought some silver and sold some silver, but it NETTED out to 11 million ounces SOLD (it could well have been 111 million ounces sold and 100 million ounces bought = 11 million NET ounces sold).

      The Silver Institute tracks Hedging as supply and De-hedging as demand so, over time they net out to zero, but this is the proper way to account for it.

    • Where did you receive this information?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Better check your facts. If you do, you will start buying silver.

    • Enjoy your 5 minutes in the sun. At least the last 4 years of your life won't have been a complete waste. It's your problem you missed the run from $10 and sold all your supposed silver. I think a few more dollars of decline would be healthy for the technicals of silver but $10? What a pipe dream. the mint would sell 80 million eagles at that price. all the weak investors like yourself who missed the silver run will be jumping in on any declines, not running away like you claim. Unless they're all as bad at investing as you are.

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