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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Jan 1, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    Demand higher than supply


    Even solar demand for silver is rapidly picking up. If you wait for investor demand to pick up even further you will just end up paying way more. I know most of you only buy and sell based on fear and greed. Obviously with silver prices down recently you aren't feeling greedy, and fear of it dropping further keeps you from buying and you're probably reading everything EXT4r is putting out. I know it is impossible to change your mind or reteach you , you've been programmed to follow the heard. So what I want all you heard animals to do is go out and buy $100 in physical silver. If the price drops more it won't kill you, and I know your patience isn't any longer than an "American Idol" commercial but as an adult you must learn patience and hold that physical silver for a few years. When you graduate from heard animal to investor then you can add to your position but before the greed of the heard animals get in.

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