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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Jan 30, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    MY Thoughts ..........

    OK Longs Don't Shoot at me . LOL Just Throwing this out there ... Dow 14k and we all know its FLUFF and Very light volume ... What I am seeing is how the Dow and NAZ got back up here but SLV is still under 32 and Oil back near 100 again... So These Short Control Freaks have managed to keep silver in check... So Here is my thought... I think they will arrange a Blood bath day and will push oil from say 100 back down to like 90 and in hopes that people panic sell and Drop Silver down with it....

    Myself , I am still buying monthly but no more then my avg. Trying to stash extra Cash incase we do have a Blood bath sell off. Why am I thinking like this ? Well because were we are today compared to oil and the dow and just how many more shorts were added to keep this from taking off and of coarse who these Short clowns are...

    I do believe we have clowns that try to recommend shorting . I think they are paid clowns in hopes for Individuals to take positions from the brokers Large short positions.

    Honestly I don't see any take down lasting long since we stackers are Stubborn S.O.B. and all we do is continue to ADD more.....

    Now on the other hand if or should I say when we do have a Blood bath sell off we good in fact see the opposite effect and people rush into metals but I think the chances of this is 20 % ...

    Personally I am hoping for the first scenario to play out for I would honestly like nothing more then to buy #$%$ loads of cheap silver. In Dec of last year I bought 4 times. Now I m back to once a month on option day and will once again Save some cash for the pouncing.... I really dont believe that those who are in control are going to let go of their grip of the tune of 18 mil shares short any time soon.

    I think we will see signs of Price gaps between silver and SLV once things really start to Change as far as Silver inventory goes...

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    • When Warran Buffett bought 130M ounce of silver before 2006, he spent average $5.20 per ounce.
      Now the silver price is $32 per ounce.
      Do you think the producing cost of Silver has increased that much since seven years ago?

      SLV was selling at $10 four years ago and now $30.
      What makes you think that SLV won't go back to $20?

      Some are saying that there is a shortage of Silver, but it's just rumors.
      There is plenty of Silver in the world, some estimates at 660000 tons, four times of Gold inventory.
      SLV stored 10000 tons of Silver, but what if people started selling? There would be too much supply.

    • You are pointing out a disconnect to the price of silver and ..... reality.
      Not to worry, they will shortly reconnect. We are in the final stage of a 20 month consolidation.
      The charts are very bullish. There are good signs of strong demand. Gold is being bought and repatriated by many countries. Who's selling their gold? No one. Same for silver.
      The only new supply is being created only on paper. That cannot last. Once the panic begins, its over. Don't count on large corrections to be the norm any longer.
      It is my opinion that these prices will never been seen again, once we breach $33-34, meaning we are going much higher.
      This is just the calm before the storm.

    • I find it extremely ODD that Oil is now 98 barrel and silver is selling for 32 ounce... Like I said Before ... Only in Bizzarro world Can costs of mining go up and end product go down....

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