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  • gregturner799 gregturner799 Feb 22, 2013 1:41 AM Flag

    Just dropping By to see...

    How many stupid people that own SLV are feeding JPM and letting JPM sell your ETFshort to keep the physical Silver down. Can't believe that you people buy SLV for a dollar or more under spot and expect JPM
    to give you your investment back. SLV paper has no Silver bacling it as JPM is only using your investment through Blythe Masters in London to shed the the waterfall shorts. Dumb, Dunb, Dumb! You people are in a hamster cage absolutely going nowhere unless you can hold Silver in your hand! Scotia and Delaware vaults don't hold any JPM inactive Silver my friends and if you like to continually get screwed by JPM, best of luck. The US mint has sold 10 million ASE's since January 1st and you may as well be holding a pirce of toilet your and representing your investment in SLV or even Spyder GLD. They are both worthless derivatives.The sad part is that if you sold your SLV, you can't buy any ASE's because the supply is not there.
    The US Mint is selling 50 times more American Silver Eagles, than Gold, I had over 2500 shares
    of SLV and after researching the real market realized that I needed to pull out and buy Physical Silver. The SLV paper will disconnect from the Comex fairly soon and the 79 Trillion in derivatives that includes SLV collapses against there 2 Tillion supposed assets, you will take bath in kerosene and lose every dollar
    you have so blindly invested yoir money in.. Give old Jamie Dimon a call in the morning and tell hin that you neeed dome real Silver this supposedly backing up your paper so you can send onr of your kids to college
    JPM has not Silver to give you, Youhave got tio come to your senses, because the hamster whell you are bon
    is going to move! I will make this one last statement before I go wat and leave you to your thoghts.
    DO YOU REALIZE THAT JPM's paper Silver represebts more Silver that has ever been mined in the entire world? Holding or buying SLV is like throwing gasoline on a fire and youeill get burned DO BAD that your Mother won't recognize You, IF YOU DO NOT HOLD SILVER INYOUR HAND PEOPLE YOU DO NOT OWN IT !!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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