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  • mlg4044 mlg4044 Mar 7, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    When everyone is positive, it is time to SELL!



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    • Has nothing to do with being positive!! It comes down to fundamentals!!! If it cost you $28 to make something and I give you $28 for it!! How long are you going to be in operation!! Ask the mining companies!! Mining companies will slow production!!! Not about being positive its just reality!!!!

    • Everyone was positive in 2000 - 2006 was it time to sell there?
      Or what about England who sold all that gold at the bottom?
      I guess that was smart?
      To answer your question no!
      At this point and time miners are losing money mining the metal!
      At these present prices how long do you think 1 the matal can stay this low or two how long can the miners mine at a loss?

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      • Yes .. Did you watch that show this year . Gold Rush and the Holfmans. They had two crews working. 12 guys plus and all season produced 1.2 mil dollars of gold value... That is TERRIBLE... After all costs what did they end up making ? SQUAT per man... And If you were to break it all down per hour spent... And They are there 24 hrs a day but don't factor that in.. But only time hrs worked you would see these boys didn't even pull in Minimum wage... And for what ? BACK BREAKING LIFE CHANGING WORK.... Most guys Loss there wives and family because it takes to much a toll on them... Mind body and soul.....

        I can think of so many easier ways to make a buck then to be a miner... Yes some few make it rich. So to does someone who plays the lotto every day. A new Millionaire every day comes out of the Lotto. Cant say the same for any miners...

        Everyone who is trying to save money for their own future SERIOUSLY Should take FULL ADVANTAGE Of this SILVER PRICE MANIPULATION / GIFT... Because once it is over... And it will be over one day... The Price to get silver is going to Explode to the upside...And I mean Seriously Explode.... Especially if the same #$%$ Have their fill and reverse coarse and manipulate it up beyond what its real value should be set at... That you can believe... They manipulate Both ways.....

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