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  • extreme4reailty extreme4reailty Mar 18, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Nobody gives a rat's #$%$ about the poor little Cypriots.

    Most Cypriots don't even care. They are dumbed down financial slaves. The Cyprus "protests" drew about 20 people. Big whoop. People outside of Cyprus are more interested in the Kardasian's than Cypriots. It's sad but true. This "bail in" is not going to "wake up" the dazed masses. The only people paying attention are hacks like Max Keiser and internet trolls addicted to conspiracy theory blogs like Zerohedge.

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    • Yeah, confiscation of bank deposits, or your silver and gold, couldn't happen here, could it, moron?

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      • It likely will happen here. Unfortunately, most Americans are more interested in getting government freebies, overeating fast food, hanging out at Wal-Mart, and watching T.V.

        I've asked a lot of people there opinion of the Cyprus situation. Only 1 person had even heard of the Cyprus "bail-in". Noone knew where Cyprus was located, most didn't even know Cyprus existed, and several thought Cyprus was mythical fiction like Zeus and the Land of Narnia.

        Most Americans these days are self-centered, lazy, ignorant, overweight freeloaders that expect handouts. It's sad what this once great country has degraded to. Nobody cares about government confiscation. Americans care more about having plenty of junk food and beer as they watch March Madness on their government-subsidized plasma T.V.

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