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  • bubblenomics bubblenomics Mar 21, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Are you crazy, unions are like racketeering and money laundering today

    But we can't afford this corruption anymore.

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    • CORRECTION: Banks are more adept with racketeering and money laundering than today's unions..

      especially that part about money laundering... wow you carry a lot of hate.

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      • Banks aren't the ones charging tax payers 4000 a year in real estate taxes for a 1000 square foot house., we got to this point because Dems thought everyone should have a house, or are you to stupid to understand that?

      • Forgive him Keevo he knows not what of he speaks... With the first part of your name starting with Bubble pretty much says it all. LOL OK Only poking and having fun... Unions are not the major problem mr Bubble. LMFAO I Cant stop myself... Though you are right there has been some places were the unions went overboard and abused there powers... You are Very wrong about the core of what a UNION Stands for.... Without any form of UNION We would still have slave labor... Yes you would be working for the Corp world and be shopping at their stores to. You would never have enough to save and leave their work force... Perhaps Mr Bubble you need to visit some third world countries to see how life is there.

        Skarry already mentions part of what is killing America... Outsourcing Jobs / Free trade / Nafta or nato Whatever the frock one it was that Clinton passed... The list goes on and on and on...

        But ultimately this should be put onto the shoulders of our leaders They have not done right to there people for a VERY LONG TIME... Then also the PEOPLE Need to Stand up for themselves AND EACH OTHER and throw these guys not just out of office but out of the country.

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