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  • dpsmas Mar 23, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    One Final Drop This Week...Then Load the Boat

    With a Cyprus bailout probable the metals will use that as an excuse to sell off this comming week. Get ready for the best sale on silver in a long time. Buy all the physical you can.
    Over the next couple of months the Fed will be admitting things are not really that great. Euro Zone problems will flare up. The fake stock market will begin to roll over. As the big boys dump stocks they will need the next best place to put their money. That place is gold and silver. This rotation into the prescious metals is at hand. Start buying the dips now. Dont try and pick the bottom. When silver starts to move it will jump $1,$2, $3 per day as this quick rotation occurs. It is already being planned.
    Buy physical metals now.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • metals probably will not drop
      we have been from 19th to 22 of march was a slight downtrend, but we have been sitting in tight 27.5 to 29 range (SLV) for a while, likely to pop up with more bail-out printing. AND, even with a bailout , if I was a cyprus citizen i would be cashing in my currency to gold, silver and platinum

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      • Yet a week AFTER the Cyprus talks, SLV is flat. If people were goign to rush out and buy silver, they would have (and this is coming from a silver supporter). I buy new physical silver each month so the longer it stays low, the better for me. That said, it doesn't help my SLV options.

        I like silver going down in price. Makes it so I can buy more and it doesn't change my value since I'm not planning to sell. And when SLV goes up, my options make $. Last week I lost a bit on SLV but saved enough by buying physical at a lower price that it was a wash.

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