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  • deeelbydesign29 deeelbydesign29 Apr 2, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    Ill leave yall with this

    Ya cant have capitulation in any stock/unit when there are inflows comming in...This would mean that SLV in particular has a long way to go.....

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    • You cant have capitulation when something is 100% manipulated. The govt/ fed are being blatant. RECORD silver demand, massive inflows, yet the price is going down. Our govt and the fed are operating the largest scam in history to help out wall st.

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      • I think thats what the poster is trying to say... They will continue to use the inflow of money to manipulate the silver price... SO GREAT... Has anyone thought that maybe , JUST MAYBE , The inflow of money into SLV isn't retail at all but in fact JPM ? And then turning around and shorting the shares and taking the options ? Hell they get the money for free and after all its only paper. Then Pushing the price lower and lower and adding to their own real stack of silver... Its not like they are being watched / Regulated... Probably have their own printing press.. Or link to the digital money supply. After all they dont even need Paper money today... You / We have to start thinking of how to be a Scam artist to be on the same page as these Scuz buckets.... I am sure JPM Has tons of silver gold and land all over the world....

    • Except when the fast money attacks are concentrated fire, while the long participants in this "safe" asset are of the buy and hold mentality, with smaller, steady inflows that produce much lesser moves. Interesting situation though...

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