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  • kerri349 kerri349 Apr 3, 2013 10:20 PM Flag

    Ext4r why dont you call around to some of the gold and silver dealer like I did.

    I wanted to see how busy they were apmex said they selling some gold and but mostly silver. I called the gold bureau and left a message she finally called me back two hours later. I ordered a monster box last from them they said it was on back order might be two or three more days. I got a great price. I ordered 200 more ounces of ten ounce bars. I like them. She said they are really busy and one guy just bought 12 monster boxes and another guy bought six. She said she never seen it like this. She said most of the sales are silver. Do I think there is a silver shortage coming. YES Make some phone calls you might learn something. By the way they were out the 10 ounce bars they were ordering more from other places! They going to ship them together in ten days when they get the bars.

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    • That's awesome. But at the same time, the monster box I *JUST GOT* yesterday is now $1000 less to buy today. I'm really starting to look at my silver as a SHTF investment and that's it. I've bought enough where if it ever "pops" I'm set. Till then, the rest of my fiat paper is going into more income properties. Those go up in value, I compound my believe if inflation by locking in cheap rates of debt to be paid back with worhtless fiat later, it gives me income while I wait, and if I'm wrong about all this -- oh well -- I still win.

    • NTR has same day delivery on any quantity you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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