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  • keeve06 keeve06 Apr 16, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    US MINT has broken all sales records....

    Yes 83,000 Gold Eagles have been sold beating both Feb & Mar 2013 monthly Totals.

    Sales of Silver Eagles (16,438,000 ounces) have tied or broken all records for the first four months of the year.... and there is another 14 days remaining in April.

    It seems the only thing that can upset the Mint's Record Breaking Sales Trends... would be a shortage of Metal.

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    • premiums are now 30% on silver eagles if you can find any

    • Thanks for posting this Keevo. Is there any new update that says how many Eagles sold in April so far ? I am sure well over 1 mil oz sold yesterday... I was calling three dif dealers and they were all BACK LOGGED and Crazy town taking orders. Gainesville and apmex had me listed as the 16 caller. I even called lader in the day with gainesville and was 13 caller late in the day. This morning was 20th and that was after waiting for 15 minutes.... Crazy amount of buying going on... Look at how many items are all sold out... Not just one or two dealers but all of them... I bet 100% that we will see HUGE Numbers not only for april but orders pushed out for may as well. Just like March orders went into april with 800k Oz....

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