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  • stockmarketsanalysis stockmarketsanalysis Apr 24, 2013 6:30 PM Flag

    20-1 silver/gold coming

    next leg up silver will tear upwards much faster

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • flag on the play, wild #$%$ guess on the field. Officials rule poster should be put on week long posting prohibition, plus pay damages to anyone who listened to him.

    • Honestly , Only and this is a BIG ONLY , Only if Industrial would be forced to compete with investor demand bidding. Companies that use a ton of supply and have #$%$ loads of cash would be able to get what they needed and probably put it out of reach of most investors if they needed to. Companies like Apple and all those Solar companies... But as of now the industrial demand is being met and at cheap costs and us investors are the ones who are seeing LOW SUPPLY And High premiums... Look for Deals and Low hanging fruit / Bigger bars . In the end game silver is silver and will be bought for much higher costs and used for industrial only in the end.

      PS. I saw a Small clip this A.M. were TEXAS was stamping out there own republic of Texas coins out of silver... Now lets remember that texas was just recently asking for its gold back... Could it be that the state is ready to go back to its own governing ? The man said today that United states needs texas , Texas doesnt need the united states.... WOW... Seems they want to move away from the Fed and their governing....

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