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  • lorde_chatterly lorde_chatterly Apr 28, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    I'm going Broke and it is all Idealcarpenty's Fault ... that Pumper !!! LoL

    I am so ticked off now I am going to buy those 10 oz. Englehards I have been putting off !!! Ha hahahaha

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    • LMFAO..... Come on Now... First off tell me now were you are buying them and I will help you out . I will buy them myself so You cant go broke. LOL To Funny.

      Seriously though I really Strongly advice people to buy as they can with extra cash AKA AFTER BILLS And with money they might never need. Always have extra cash on hand . Several months supply to protect yourself. Say you have bills of 3k per month. Then I would say a person should have 9k Min before looking to invest in something else.

      Another form of investment is your house. If you own a Bank loan then Pay it off. Its not worth having the right off like the system likes you to believe. There are many other ways to have a Right off. Like Self employment. Or have a Church .LOL And by all means PAY OFF CREDIT CARDS... Live life DEBT FREE. Then Invest in Commodities and Land...

      I will never be a Pumper or a Dumper. All I try to do is be right by others and show them through Facts whats out there and what I am seeing.

      I hope I helped you and many others... But seriously... Feel free to tell me what dealer has those 10 Oz Englehards. LOL I was told by Gainesville they dont produce these bars anymore.

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