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  • dlhild Jun 7, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    Two ways to look at the cost to produce silver:

    70% of silver is a by-produce of copper and gold mining. Something less than 30% comes from actual silver mining companies. The copper companies make their money producing copper. Silver becomes a variable cost item to them. Their variable cost to produce silver is $ most. Now the silver mines, they are a different story. They need about $25 silver (all in costs) to make money.

    Long term, assuming the global economies don't collapse (getting to be a bigger and bigger assumption), then the silver producers will ultimately set the price, somewhere above $25. In the short term, with every market in the world manipulated, who knows.

    Alternatively, if silver goes a lot lower, reverse your SLV position and be happy to replace it with physical silver.

    At the end of the day, probably 2020's but could happen sooner, asset valuations are going to "Hades in a hand basket", making silver better to own than most other things.

    All of us that play the markets are #$%$ The market is manipulated by crooks.

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