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  • keevo_keen keevo_keen Jun 25, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    Eagles going cheap at gainesville coins 9:19 Spot down to $19.20 still dropping

    Blood in the streets tomorrow for metals not sure about Stocks or Bonds...

    Unemployment to go up as more mines shutter. Oh and all those Cash for Gold kiosks poof.

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    • Aren't you the same moron who said I had a doppelganger after I stated that silver was setting up for a crash in early January? You are a F'n tool.

    • Notice that APMEX and Tulving have been out of "random year eagles" since last week's take-down. This means that no one is selling. They are not getting anything back from the public to re-sell as random year product. All the selling is being done by the crooked banksters in the paper markets.

    • I will be adding one box tomorrow. I noticed that none of the big bars are for sale for several months now. Interesting... No Englehards or any other big bars. Just small stuff. Look at Gainesville and Apmex and see just how many pages they have of out of stock. I just wish they dropped the dam premiums on this already. Frockers. 2 years ago when eagles were selling at this price the spot was only 1.69 and some times 99 cents. Not no BS 3.29

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      • Since I am truly a long termer I will continue to Buy... This very evening came to the conclusion that paper holders are truly frocked and the sell and shorting of it was their best recourse.

        Actual Metals are good insurance for whatever may befall... and as price cheapens then they become an even better investment over the long run.

        Sometimes actually think some Powers want an instant Depression (since they have most of the money) because everything becomes cheaper. By bypassing inflation then their money increases in value instead of suffering the same mishap as everyone else.

        Henceforth loans become more expensive as hours worked decline and austerity is further enforced. Many government workers are incurring hardships via furloughs brought on by sequestering.

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