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  • steelpenguin79 steelpenguin79 Jul 17, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Ask yourself this question. What has changed?

    The answer is NOTHING!!!!

    1. The Fed has not stopped easing!
    2. The money supply has expanded tremendously since 2011.
    3. The current CPI measurement masks true inflation.
    4. Demand for silver and gold is at all-time highs, yet prices keep dropping. (Does not make economic sense.)
    5. Why can't Germany have their gold shipped back to them from the Fed? I bet it's because the NY fault is empty or dang close to it!

    At some point the dam will break and a real price discovery in gold and silver will happen. I would not want to be short on that day!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Still nothing has changed!

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    • Looks like logic is starting to win!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • has the cpi removed energy and food..

      "Has the BLS removed food or energy prices in its official measure of inflation?
      No. The BLS publishes thousands of CPI indexes each month, including the headline All Items CPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) and the CPI-U for All Items Less Food and Energy. The latter series, widely referred to as the "core" CPI, is closely watched by many economic analysts and policymakers under the belief that food and energy prices are volatile and are subject to price shocks that cannot be damped through monetary policy. However, all consumer goods and services, including food and energy, are represented in the headline CPI.

      Most importantly, none of the prominent legislated uses of the CPI excludes food and energy. Social security and federal retirement benefits are updated each year for inflation by the All Items CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). Individual income tax parameters and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) returns are based on the All Items CPI-U"

      your crabbiness a "core" characteristics of stackers?

    • you should be thankful. pos is getting low, meaning you and i who are long can accumulate at lower prices. what's not to like? are you a trader or silver bug? take a stand.

    • Nothing! silver is still being recycled.
      Hoarders are still holding price from plummeting more just as one could hoard printer paper.

      IMO slv will at least hit $12 next year.

      12 year bull markets have not historically corrected in 1.5 years. Nothing has changed in this regard no matter how much hoarders tell us that 'this time is different'.

      Expect another leg down followed by slv being flat for some time.

      PLenty of time to buy slv next year closer to the low.

    • Again Silver Longs ask yourself this question, What has changed? Everything the Fed has done (printing money) CANNOT be undone. The Fed can't stop printing because intrest rate would rise way to far and the U.S. would struggle to even service the current debt! This only ends one way folks, it's just a matter of time!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Silver bubbled Up 3 years ago for only 1 reason - Speculators chased it higher just as they do in all bubbles (the sharply rising prices attract novices).

      What has changed?

      The parabolic bubble peaked and started falling. Falling prices scare speculators away. The bubble has to fully deflate now and that will take prices down to sub-$10 especially as oil and copper prices plummet in the coming economic slowdown/recession. Silver could sit at sub-$10 prices for many, many years.

    • comex in action again.

    • it amazes me how the fed and the media only see the strength of the economy through the market! as long as the market goes up who cares about the underlying problems with the economy. do people not understand that the feds can NEVER stop the QE process? if they do our economy will crash. our country can't afford rising interest rates with no QE. its debt can't be serviced without Bernanke printing dollars out of thin air. the supply and demand for precious metals is out of whack. the feds loan bullion to bullion banks, and they sell it to others. in the mean time the gold inventory remains the same on the fed balance sheet. they don't have the gold they say they do!!!! as long as they can do this it will allow them to suppress the value of gold and other metals. if everyone wanted to take physical delivery of their gold, watch out!!!!!

    • It is all perception and sentiment now.
      We are led to believe that the debt is tolerable and the economy is stable.
      I happen to read one of those weekyleek cables that pm's prices were to be forced lower by the F. reserve.
      We all have a blanket over our eyes and cannot see the truth.
      Commodities trade in cycles and that cycle will change dramatically.
      Expect a counter rally soon. Sentiment is about to reverse.

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